Although the dogs that stay with us do sleep in kennels, we pride ourselves on giving the dogs in our care plenty of physical and mental stimulation.  Each dog gets out four times a day in the play yard either solo or with an appropriate playmate or small group.  We also provide many toys and interact with the dogs throughout the day.  We ensure that each dog gets the personalized care that they need, and we are fully skilled and capable of caring for pups, seniors, and special needs dogs.  Because of our expertise in dog behavior, we are always training and working with the dogs to establish bonds and curb unwanted behaviors.  We want to make sure that every dog is comfortable while staying with us.  In addition, we'll send pictures and videos to owners daily to stay connected with their family.


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We provide baths and nail trimming for clients that are boarding with us.  Because the dogs get out a lot to play, they can get muddy or dirty.  A nice bath  is a great option for your dog before going home.

Baths: $30

Nail trimming: $10


Overnight boarding in one of our 12 indoor/outdoor kennels includes 4+ outings in the  play yard per day.  Play time may be solo or with a companion, or new friends.  All kennels are equipped with a raised bed and soft topper, but you are welcome to bring additional bedding.  The inside portion of the kennels are heated.

We ask for pick up by 12pm - after that, there is a 1/2 day charge.  We can also provide early arrival (before 8am)  or late pick ups (after 6pm) for a small extra fee.


Jen offers private dog evaluations and training sessions for $40/hour on site and $50/hour off site (within 15 miles).  Each session is a stand alone session where Jen will work with you and your dog on a plan to address unwanted behaviors.  Jen will follow your progress over time - the goal is to provide you with the tools and skills to be able to address any unwanted behaviors and prevent any new ones.

In Spring, Summer, and Fall, Jen hosts outdoor training classes.